Oregon High School RHEP Week 3

We’re halfway through the week, and we’re also already halfway through our Rural Healthcare Explorers Program at Oregon High School!
RHEP Week 3 was back in person on Tuesday, April 19th and we had 2 amazing groups of presenters come speak to us from KSB Hospital. The hands-on surgery tech experience was conducted by Clinical Educator Emily Hardin and Lead Scrub Tech Laura Sharp. They brought plenty of Personal Protective Equipment for our students to experience trying on, and they also created a simulated experience of what it’s like being in an operating room during a surgery case! We were also fortunate to have Sarah Bivins, Manager of OB services at KSB Hospital in Dixon, come speak with us about her 20+ year career in OB/GYN.
A few students also willingly shared with us that they are now interested in participating in an upcoming CNA course after seeing some of the presentations in the RHEP program thus far! Check back again next week to see who is joining us next Tuesday!