Community-Oriented Primary Care (COPC) Projects

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Princeton 2002 Bureau Colon Cancer Screening Practices in a Rural Community Zachary Fulton
Anna 2012 Union The Adolescent's Knowledge of Diet and Exercise in Rural Middle Schools of Anna and Herrin, IL William Bailey
Fairfield 2000 Wayne Diabetes Mellitus Education and Primary Care Management Wesley Thompson
Belvidere 2005 Boone Increasing Awareness of Obesity as an Epidemic and Probable Solutions Wendy Mitchell
Belvidere 1997 Boone Domestic Violence Tricia Gifford
Murphysboro 1997 Jackson Domestic Violence Tricia Gifford
Dixon 2001 Lee Spirituality in Medicine Trent McDaniel
Sycamore 2005 DeKalb Determination of the Prevalence and Awareness of Allergic Rhinitis in the Rural Population of Sycamore, IL Travis Figanbaum
Princeton 1998 Bureau Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in Princeton, Illinois Travis Crawford
Galesburg 2008 Knox Description of the Use and Self-Reported Efficacy of Smoking Cessation Techniques in Rural Illinois Tom Murphy
Oregon 2006 Ogle Fact or Fiction? Substance Abuse Knowledge and Education in Adolescents Todd Lanser
Mattoon 2014 Jasper HPV Vaccination Education in Jasper County Illinois: A Multimedia Approach Todd Bierman
DeKalb 1999 DeKalb Interval Tubal Ligation Via Posterior Colpotomy Timothy Ramsden
Dixon 2018 Lee Rural Health Literacy: Assessing Health Literacy in Individuals Age 18-26 Tiger Onsen, Jami Weiland
Macomb 2002 McDonough Make Yours a Fresh Start Family Tiffanie Fecht
Pontiac 2001 Livingston Community Needs and Resources of Children in Rural Illinois Thomas Danko
Murphysboro 2003 Jackson Correlation Between Perception of Weight Status and Activity Level:A Comparison Between National Trends and an Illinois County Teresa Morrell
Robinson 2002 Crawford Colorectal Cancer Education and Screening in Crawford County Illinois Tara Sangster
Pecatonica 1999 Winnebago Retention/Teamwork in Emergency Medical Service Ambulance Crews in Rural Areas Tammy Homman
Princeton 2005 Bureau Negative Feedback in the Endogenous Cholesterol Pathway Suzanna Kitten
Watseka 1999 Iroquois Assessment of Need in Use of Home Health Services in Rural Illinois Steven Norris
Princeton 2007 Bureau Health Care Career Fair Steve Schulz
Dixon 1999 Lee Cooperative Venture Between University and Community to Provide Prenatal Care in a Tri-County Area Steve Nitz
Dixon 2000 Lee Use of Prostate Specific Antigen for Prostate Cancer Screening: a Stephen Israel
Macomb 2005 McDonough Differences in Knowledge & Behavorial Practices in the Prevention of Sexually Transmitted Diseases: A Comparison of Rural & Metropolitan College Students Stephanie Wessel
Dixon 2002 Lee Nutritional Practices of a Low Income Population Stephanie Burrows
Havana 2017 Mason Assessment of Maternal Behaviors in Rural Illinois Stanley Jay Noll
Murphysboro 2007 Jackson Breast Cancer Awareness Socorro Shelton
Pittsfield 2000 Pike Diabetes in School Shawn Hembrough
Spring Valley 2002 Bureau The High Plan Sean Kane
Murphysboro 2005 Jackson Public Awareness of Melanoma Sean Burke
Pecatonica 2007 Winnebago Drug & Alcohol Use in Teens Scott Bilyeu
Galesburg 2013 Knox Adolescent Health Behaviors in Galesburg, IL Sarah Stone
Macomb 2004 McDonough H.A.L.T. – Helping Adolescents Learn the Truth about Substance Abuse Sarah Hayes
Mt. Vernon 1998 Jefferson Rural Emergency Room Visits and Required Resources Sanjog Pangarkar
Dixon 2019 Lee Adolescent Depression Awareness Program Efficacy in Dixon, IL Samantha Winstead, Nicole Heun
Marion 1998 Williamson Smoke-Free, That’s Me: Anti-Smoking Campaign Targeted at 2nd, 4th and 6th Graders Samantha Sattler
Marion 2005 Williamson Obesity and the Location of Chronic Pain Sam Steffey
Litchfield 2012 Montgomery Identifying Barriers to Effective Bereavement Support in Rural Communities Sabrina Whitt
Monticello 2003 Piatt Athletic Injury and its Treatment in a Rural Illinois Town Ryan Schmidgall
Anna 2003 Union Improving Osteoporosis Screening Rates of Women in Rural Southern Illinois Ryan Riech
Marshall 2011 Clark The Profile of Athletic Injuries in a Rural High School Ryan Fitzgerald
Wind River 2019 Fremont Wind River Reservation: Introduction to Healthcare Careers for Native American Youth Ryan Dahlberg, Alison Mueller
Litchfield 2011 Montgomery The NFL Play 60 Challenge - Challenging students to get 60 minutes of exercise every day Ryan Boente
Galesburg 2011 Knox Health and Wellness for Adults in Galesburg, Illinois Ruta Pareigis
Ottawa 1998 LaSalle Study of Infiltrants in the City of Marseilles, IL Waste Water Treatment Plant Robert Knudson
Byron 1999 Ogle Student Doctor Lung Patrol in Ogle County Public School System Rick Bushnell
Jacksonville 1998 Morgan Smoking Cessation Program for Middle School Youth Richard Bivin
Pontiac 1998 Livingston Reducing the Prevalence of Hypercholesterolemia in Livingston County Rebecca Klepzig
DeKalb 2007 DeKalb Neonatal Traffic Safety in Rural DeKalb County Rebecca Johnson
Monticello 1998 Piatt Patients’ Attitudes Toward and Use of Alternative Medicine Rebecca Bame
Herrin 2003 Williamson Patient Education Services Provided Within the Community of Herrin, IL Ralph Latta
Forrest 2007 Livingston Farmer’s Use of Health Services Rachel Wenger
Watseka 2013 Iroquois Stretching for Better Overall Health Rachel Maurer and Ryan Nagele
Fairfield 2001 Wayne Referral Practices in a Rural Primary Care Clinic Rachel Barnhart, Brian Atwood
Murphysboro 2017 Jackson Lifestyle and Risk Factors for Cardiovascular Disease in a Rural Population Philip Salstrom
Mattoon 2006 Coles Interests and Preferences of Patients in a Rural Family Medicine Practice Regarding Diabetes Mellitus Paul Stortz
Belvidere 2006 Boone Determinants of Food Choice Among the Poor Paul Hibbert
Dixon 2003 Lee Smoking Cessation Aids Paul Angleton
Oregon 2002 Ogle Depression and Chronic Disease Patrick Lynch
Amboy 2014 Lee Peppy Up: Early Childhood Diabetes and Healthy Lifestyle Education Patrick Holland and Nicole Joyce
Galesburg 2017 Knox Current Behavioral Health Experiences in Rural Knox County Patricia Baumann
Princeton 2017 Bureau Assessing the Understanding of Influenza Vaccines in Princeton, IL Paige Love
Coles County 2018 Coles Sexually Transmitted Disease Prevention in Rural Communities Paige Clayton
Watseka 2010 Iroquois Arthritis Awareness, A Measure and Intervention in Rural Illinois Nimesh Patel
Geneseo 2019 Henry Evaluating Effectiveness of Opiod Education and Naloxone Training in Rural Henry County Nicole Tobin
Princeton 2000 Bureau Health Promotion in a Rural Community: “Chipping” Away at Lifestyle Change Nicole Norris
Fairfield 2010 Wayne Colorectal Cancer Screening and Detection in a Rural Community Nicole Fyie
Murphysboro 2001 Jackson Increasing Public Knowledge About Infectious Diseases Nicole Canaley
Gibson City 2014 Ford Adolescent Hypertension Understanding Nick Royal
Marion 2003 Williamson Hospice Awareness in Southern Illinois Nick Cantrell
Galesburg 2009 Knox Preventative Health Measures of Men Over 40 Nick Butler
Galena 2012 Jo Daviess Mental Health Education in a Rural Illinois Community Nathan Kenyon
Sycamore 2006 DeKalb Assessment of Treatment Awareness and Compliance in Management Nathan Dolan
Spring Valley 2012 Bureau 6th Graders "Going Healthy" at JFK Elementary Natalie Sgarlata
Havana 2016 Mason Assessing Women in Mason County, Illinois' Knowledge of and Access to Prenatal Care Natalie Allen
Happy Camp 2019 Siskiyou Program to Increase Native American youth Awareness of Health Professions Nadia Froehling
Spring Valley 2008 Bureau Parental Reports of Substance Abuse Risk Monica Grunkemeyer
Marshall 2013 Clark Lifestyle Changes Through Health Coaching and Relationship to Health in Older Patients in a Rural Primary Care Practice Molly Mennenga
Saline County 2017 Saline Investigating Smoking Behaviors and Perceptions in Saline County, IL Mitchell Daugherty
Monticello 2013 Piatt A Study On Barriers to a Healthy Diet Among Primary Care Patients Mitch Hammel
Karuk Tribe/Vasquez & Colas 2015 Assessing Loneliness and Quality of Life in Native American Elders: Role of Generativity in Later Life Mina Tanaka
Gibson City 2006 Ford Smoking Cessation Class – Alamo Group Factory Mike Lawler
Watseka 1998 Iroquois Congenital Anomalies in Ford/Iroquois County Michael Wells
Princeton 2001 Bureau Role of Nurse Midwives in Rural Illinois Michael Sullivan
Pecatonica 2002 Winnebago Always Changing – “Puberty and Stuff” Fifth Grade School Program Michael Markley
Chester 2016 Randolph Reducing 30-Day Readmission Rates for Heart Failure Patients in Rural Illinois Critical Access Hospitals Michael Kirkover
Litchfield 2000 Montgomery Patient and Physician Attitudes and Use of Alternative Medicine: Michael Herron
Arcata 2019 Humboldt Adolescent Volunteering: Perceived Importance and Effects on Mental Health Michael Foster
Karuk Tribe/Vasquez & Colas 2016 Preparing Native American Youth for Health Professions Michael Dixon
Pontiac 2005 Livingston ADHD Needs Assessment in Rural Central Illinois Melissa Keca
Spring Valley 2006 Bureau Increasing Medication Self-Awareness Among Elderly Melissa Inpanbutr
Princeton 2012 Bureau Does Cigarette Smoking Education Reduce Smoking Prevalence Among Adults in Rural Northern Illinois? Meghan Romba
Spring Valley 2015 Bureau Healthy Aging: A Focus on Physical Fitness and Strength Meghan Hatzer & Brittany Montavon
Amboy 2013 Lee There's a Rainbow on My Plate: Improving Rural Adolescent Fruit and Vegetable Intake by Eating the Colors of the Rainbow Megan Hedlund
Paxton 2018 Ford Antibiotic Knowledge in Rural Illinois Megan Asher, Rachel Trumpy
Princeton 2014 Bureau Healthy Lifestyles in 5th Graders Max Busch and Jamie Tidaback
Herrin 2011 Williamson Evaluating the Nutritional Status of Adolescents in Rural Southern Illinois Matthew Mason
Pecatonica 2006 Winnebago Determining the Age of Onset of Childhood Obesity Matt Gullone
Princeton 2009 Bureau Implementation of an Educational Diabetic Intervention and Support Network in Bureau County, and the Effect on Patient and Family Knowledge of and Attitudes Toward Diabetes and Diabetic Disease Management Mary Weir Stapel
Belvidere 1998 Boone Access and Barriers to Prenatal Care in a Small Midwest Community Mary Simmons
Dixon 2019 Lee Assessing Students' Willingness to Access Mental Health Resources and the Abilities of Students and teachers to Recognize Signs and Symptoms of Depression, Anxiety, and ADHD Mary Beth Lyvers, Morgan Bollech
Monticello 2015 Piatt Rural Hispanic Healthcare Career Education Mary Ayers
Murphysboro 2000 Jackson Assessment of the Basic Beliefs in Organ Donation in Murphysboro, Illinois Mark Mueller
Herrin 1998 Williamson Prevalence of Hypertension in Emergency Department Patients Mark Korte
Macomb 1998 McDonough Farm Safety Day Mark Grier
Carthage 2016 Hancock Exploring the Epidemiology of Substance Use and Abuse in Rural Adolescents Mark Frakes
Pittsfield 2016 Pike Telemedicine as an Access Pathway to Specialty Care: A Perspective of Rural Patients Mark Baker
Macoupin County 2018 Macoupin Concussion Symptom and Treatment Recognition in High School Football Players and Parents Mariah Sisson
Litchfield 2014 Montgomery Risk-Taking Behaviors in Central Illinois, Litchfield Community High School Mallory Kelly
Litchfield 2013 Montgomery Analsis of Risky Behavior During Pregnancy in Rural Populations Maggie Dwiggins
Spring Valley 2014 Bureau Assessing the Socioeconomic Needs of the Elderly in Spring Valley, Illinois and Surrounding Community Mackenzie Stunson Lowery and Michelle Goeking
Gibson City 2016 Ford Rural Elderly Medication Management Lynsie Bane
Fairfield 2003 Wayne Combat Disease with Lifestyle Medicine Lucas Leonard
Havana 2019 Mason Decreasing Low Birth Weight Rates in a Rural Illinois County Lizabeth Kaeb
Macomb 2007 McDonough Athletes and Diabetes/Seizure Disorders Lisa Ward
Forrest 2009 Livingston Assessment of HPV Vaccination Administration in Rural Ford and Iroquois Counties and Identifying Potential Barriers to its Usage Leah Lewis
Monticello 2014 Piatt Prevent and Protect Program: Cooking Class and Lifestyle Modification Education Lauren Wallace
Monticello 2014 Piatt Rural Adolescents' Attitudes About Smoking Laura Watt
Sheffield 2015 Bureau Access to Women's Healthcare in a Rural Area Laura Hulteen
Freeport 2008 Stephenson Tobacco Education for Pecatonica Middle School Children Kyle Minor
Harrisburg 2019 Saline Evaluation of Medical Knowledge and Adherence in Select High Readmission Risk Cardiopulmonary Groups Kyle Huttner, Alexander Lietz
Pittsfield 2018 Pike Mental Health Management in Primary Care Offices Kyle Hadden
Spring Valley 2013 Bureau Emergency Department Patients' Explanations for Utilization in a Rural Illinois Hospital Kyle Brown
Monticello 2008 Piatt Discussing The End - A Survey on End-Of-Life Issues Kurt Davis
Princeton 1997 Bureau Rural Primary Care: Focusing on the Needs of Rural Prehospital Providers Kurt Crowe
Gibson City 2013 Ford Distracted Driving in Teenagers: Analysis of a Rural Community Kurt Bloomstrand
Galena 2010 Jo Daviess Stroke Awareness Education and the Impact in Rural Illinois Kristopher Homb
Pecatonica 2003 Winnebago A Review of Osteoporosis Screening, Treatment and Prevention in a Primary Practice Kristi Leland
Fairbury 2017 Livingston Assessing Depression Awareness in Rural Adolescences Kourtney Newell, Ben Weger
Fairfield 2016 Wayne Identification of Barriers to Colo rectal Cancer Screening in Wayne County, Illinois Kory Blank
Herrin 1999 Williamson A Study of Hypertension Screenings in Rural Southern Illinois Kirk Wong
Mattoon 2013 Coles Health Career Interests in Rural Hispanic Youth in Illinois Kimberly Jerdan
Dixon 2000 Ogle/Lee Continuation of a Primary Care Implemented Longitudinal AIDS Awareness Education Program for Adolescents in Rural Communities Kim Hospelhorn
Anna 2000 Union Diabetes Medications: Educating a Community Diabetes Support Kent Arnold
Sullivan 2000 Moultrie Health Beliefs and Health Practitioner Utilization of an Illinois Amish Kenneth Brown
Centralia 2018 Marion Prescription Monitoring Program Use in Rural Illinois Kelsey LeVault, Trevor Luman
Marshall 2007 Crawford Health Careers Kit – With Follow-Up Kelsey Hopkins
Gibson City 2016 Ford Mental Health Opinions in Rural Adolescents: Has Stigma Decreased in Younger Generations? Kelly Kahle
Freeport 2013 Stephenson The Effect of a Health Screening on Future Health Behaviors in a Rural Northern Illinois County Katie Strack
Marshall 2010 Clark 4-H Health Jam Katherine McCrea
Galena 2019 Jo Daviess Impact of a Provider-Mediated Intervention on Patient Knowledge of Advanced Directives Katherine Jensen
Forrest 2001 Livingston PSA Screening in Livingston County Katherine Austman
Marshall 2018 Clark Health Care Career Education in an Underserved Illinois Rural Community Katelyn Klosterman
Marshall 2008 Clark Health Care Careers Promotional Project Kate Walker
Bureau County 2018 Bureau Mental Health Stigma in a rural Geriatric Population Kate Jarvis
Forrest 2015 Livingston Gracefully Aging n a Rural Illinois Community: An Assessment of Resource Awareness and Perception Karissa Monney & Jessica Rawlings
Pecatonica 2001 Winnebago Community-Based Health Needs Assessment Kari Piper
Palestine 2005 Crawford Heart Disease in Women Kara Willenburg
DeKalb 1999 DeKalb Comparing Interval Tubal Ligation by Posterior Colpotomy to Laparoscopy Kara Pitt
Macomb 1999 McDonough Increasing Immunization Access & Adherence in a Rural Kara Oprian
Litchfield 2015 Montgomery Referral Practices and Needs Assessment Regarding Pediatric Specialty Care in Rural Southern Illinois Kalysa Porter
Watseka 2003 Iroquois Public Knowledge of Varicella Disease and Vaccine in Rural Illinois and Indiana and Measurement of Outcomes in Quality Assurance Improvement by Preliminary Intervention Justin Witt
Macomb 2018 McDonough Dental and General Health: a Rural Perspective Julie Anne Shepherd
Sycamore 2003 DeKalb Patient Perspective and Pattern of Oral Antibiotics Use in an Outpatient Setting Judd Pulley
Herrin 2006 Williamson Education and Prevention of Complications of Diabetes Mellitus Joshua Bowers
Mattoon 2015 Jasper Excessive Radon Increasing Cancer Risk Josh Wiseman
Mattoon 2002 Coles Developing a Website for the Coles County Department of Public Health Josh Garrett
Galesburg 2012 Knox Diabetic Education in a Rural Community Josh Carpenter
Carthage 2018 Hancock Step into Health: a program to Encourage Exercise in Groups and as Individuals Joseph Hancox
Galena 2018 Jo Daviess A Diabetes Health Education Intervention in a Small Rural Illinois Town Joseph Devito
Fairfield 2014 Wayne Reducing Hospital Readmissions in Rural Illinois Jordan Orr
Pontiac 2010 Livingston Primary Care Assessment of Non-Urgent Patients at the OSF St. James Emergency Department in Pontica, Illinois Jonathan Schonert
Oregon 2017 Ogle Metabolic Syndrome in Oregon, IL Jonathan Aubry
Gibson City 2010 Ford Leading by Example: A local Collaboration to Increase Physical Activity Among Youth John-Paul Berauer
Pontiac 2009 Livingston Barriers to Colorectal Cancer Screening in a Rural Area John Rinker
Marshall 2006 Crawford Evaluation of the Efficacy of an Abstinence Based Sexual Education Program in Crawford County, IL John Richards
Dixon 2009 Lee Steps Toward Health: The Use of Pedometers and Group Walking Sessions to Improve Health John Plescia
Litchfield 2016 Montgomery Investigation of Drug and Alcohol Use in Rural Teenagers John Mihelcic
Charleston 2003 Coles Selected Communicable Disease Binders for Childcare Providers John McCarthy
Dixon 1998 Lee The Status of Farm Safety and Intervention in Lee County, IL John Malcott
Robinson 2000 Crawford Colorectal-Prostate Cancer Screening of Men in Crawford County, IL John Fye
Flanagan 2000 Livingston A Multi-disciplinary Approach to Smoking Cessation in Livingston County John Edwards
Anna 1999 Union Correlation of Tobacco Use Rates Between High School Teachers and High School Seniors in Rural Southern Illinois John Earnhart
Galena 2017 Jo Daviess Rural Stroke Education and Evaluation John David Draminski
Amboy 2012 Lee Investigation of Prescription Drug Abuse, Misuse and Diversion Among Rural Adolescents Jillian Kaskavage, Christopher Howse
Princeton 2004 Bureau The Use of Hormone Replacement Therapy Post Women’s Health Initiative in a Selected Rural Illinois Community Jilaine Bolek
Spring Valley 2009 Bureau Use of Preventative Screening Form and Effects on Preventative Services Performed Jessica White
Sullivan 2009 Moultire Parental Beliefs and Childhood Immunization Practices in a Rural Community Jessica Madden
Spring Valley 2005 Bureau Diabetes Care in Full-Time vs. Part-Time University Settings / Improvement in Diabetes Care Jessica Kappelman
Herrin 2013 Williamson An Investigation of Demographic Factors Contributing to Emergency Department Utilization in Rural Williamson County: Herrin, Illinois Jess Spradling
Gibson City 2000 Ford Sexual Abstinence Education Jeremy Henrichs
Chester 2017 Randolf Assessment of Diabetes Education and Barriers to Self-Management in Chester, IL: A Healthcare Provider and Patient Perspective Jenny Schmidt
Sycamore 2006 DeKalb Nutrition and Wellness Education for Active Seniors Jennifer Wisdom-Behounek
Gibson City 2007 Ford Exercise Options – Exercise Trail Use Jennifer Stevens
Sycamore 2003 DeKalb Healthy Choices: Giving Kids Alternatives for School Lunch Jennifer Sharp
Pecatonica 2003 Winnebago Evaluation of Depression in The Elderly of a Rural Mid-Western Community Jennifer Moyer
Fairbury 2013 Livingston Transportation for the Elderly in Rural Illinois Jennette Hansen
Oregon 2014 Ogle Hypertension Screening and Knowledge of Cardiovascular Disease in a Rural Illinois Community Jefree Schulte and Sarah Kramer
Murphysboro 1998 Jackson Assessment and Treatment of Geriatric Depression by Southern Illinois Physicians Jeffrey Gremmels
Oregon 2004 Ogle Introduction to Medical Translation for High School Spanish Students in Rochelle, IL Jeff Ripperda
Galena 2016 Jo Daviess Correlation Between Strength Gains and Speed/Agility Testing in Rural High School Athletes Jeff Fogle
Princeton 2006 Bureau Women of Bureau County: Health Prevention and and Obesity Jayme Sloan
DeKalb 1998 DeKalb Assessing the Needs of Emergency Response Units in Rural Communities Jason Popp
Herrin 2002 Williamson Detection and Control of Cardiovascular Disease in the Rural Community Jason Hunt
Pittsfield 2003 Pike Assessing Geriatric Depression in a Rural Community Jason Guthrie
Oregon 2011 Ogle Assessing the Characteristics of Oncology Patients in Rural Northern Illinois Jason Bill
Sterling 2019 Whiteside Assessing the impact of a handout on parents' reading habits for babies in a rural population Jasmine Brown, Blair Wright
Byron 2004 Ogle Hospice Services in Rural Illinois Jarrod Almaroad
Illinois 2019 Illinois Rural Neurosurgery and the Emerging Crisis Jarod Shelton, Charles Pierce
Sterling 2019 Whiteside Desired Surgeon Characteristics from a Rural Patient Perspective Jarod Shelton
Oregon 2015 Ogle Attitudes and Habits in Childhood and Adolescent Health Janelle Beyer & Carrie Johnson
Belvidere 1999 Boone Ongoing Assessment of Barriers Faced by Women At-Risk in a Small Midwest Community Jane Peterson
Oregon 2003 Ogle Pediatric Needs Assessment at Ogle County Health Department Jaime Twanow
Lasalle County 2019 Lasalle LaSalle County Hispanic Population Healthcare Needs Assessment Jaelyn Cook, Maristza Estrada-O'Brien
Spring Valley 1999 Bureau A Model for Cholesterol Screening in the Rural Community of Spring Valley Jacqueline Janka
Freeport 2010 Stephenson Routine Skin Cancer Screening, Is It Warranted? Jacob Hopping
Stephenson County 2017 Stephenson Provider Attitudes Toward HPV Vaccination Jaclyn Hastings
Metropolis 2000 Massac Barriers to Diabetes Care in Metropolis, IL J. Clay Crawford
Centralia 2009 Marion BMI Distribution of 4th-6th Graders in Centralia School District as Reported by their Parents J. Ben Mikeworth
Forreston 2019 Ogle Learning to Breath in the Country: a Pilot Mindfulness curriculum in a Rural High School Hunter Winstead
Fairfield 2002 Wayne Diabetes Community Needs Assessment in Wayne County, Illinois Heather Ricketts
Sycamore 2000 DeKalb The Prevalence of Abuse Among Women Utilizing a Rural Family Heather Lucas
Centralia 2014 Marion Health Awareness and Promotion in Adolescents Hayley Ralph
Watseka 2010 Iroquois Diabetes Management and Outcomes Related to Frequency of Primary Care Office Visits Harish Yalamanchili
Princeton 2013 Bureau Practices & Perceptions of Complementary & Alternative Medicine in Rural Illinois Hannah Furo
Freeport 1997 Stephenson Addressing Athletic Injuries in Rural Communities Gregory Dammann
Sullivan 2010 Moultire Perceived Barriers to Exercise in a Rural Community And Identification of Interventions to Reduce Community Morbidity and Mortality Gabrielle Geddes
Sycamore 2002 DeKalb Social Isolation and the Effect on Mental Health in Older Hispanic and Caucasian Patients Erin Fancher Gagen
Herrin 2012 Williamson The Adolescent's Knowledge of Diet and Exercise in Rural Middle Schools of Anna and Herrin, IL Erin Canopy, William Bailey
Monticello 2009 Piatt A Study of Women's Health Education in Piatt and DeWitt Counties Erin Barkau
Watseka 2000 Iroquois Diabetic Foot Screenings in Iroquois County, IL Erik Englehart
Dixon 2019 Lee Evaluation of Patient Attitudes Toward their Behavioral Healthcare in Lee County, IL Erica Wyckstandt, Ezekiel Hartman
Centralia 2012 Marion Improving Health and Wellness in Centralia, Illinois Erica Ibendahl
Monticello 2012 Piatt A Study of Heart Disease and General Health Knowledge of Women in Piatt and DeWitt Counties: Monticello, IL Erica Davis
Freeport 2016 Stephenson Barriers to Medication Adherence in a Rural Community Erica Busch
Galesburg 1999 Knox Establishing the Anti-Smoking Campaign Teens Against Tobacco Use (TATU) Eric Ruebke
Galesburg 2014 Knox A Health Career Awareness and College Preparation Program for Underrepresented Minority (URM) Youth: A Rural Initiative Eric Elleby and Trent Pedigo
Oregon 2005 Ogle Teacher Perception of Adolescent Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behaviors Regarding Sexual Health Emily Rogers
Dixon 2016 Lee Childhood Obesity: Educating Children and Parents at Different Social Ecological Levels to Promote Healthy Lifestyles Emily Metzger & Adam Hood
Freeport 2015 Stephenson Utilization of Available Healthcare Resources in a Rural Community Emily Eckerstrom & Megan Naser
Galesburg 2007 Knox Health Survey on Asthma Disparities Emily Crosser
Sycamore 2004 DeKalb A Survey of Rural Illinois Family Physicians’ Reported Practice and Use of Guidelines in Cervical Cancer Screening Emily Boyd
Spring Valley 2011 Bureau Older Adults' Needs and Patterns of Use of Mental Health Services in Rural Communities Emilee Jo Bocker
Herrin 2009 Williamson Health Education Related to Calcium Needs of Rural Americans Elizabeth Lawler
Anna 2006 Union Identification and Evaluation of Barriers to Healthcare and Services for Hispanic Migrant Workers Elizabeth Graham
Macomb 2001 McDonough Relationship Between Self-Esteem and Participation in High School Elizabeth Dewey
Dixon 2003 Lee Effectiveness of Exercise in Lowering Pain Levels & Improving Mood Elizabeth Cox
Centralia 2015 Marion Accessing Health Knowledge in a Newly Implemented Health Education Program Elise Wildman & Kelley Williams
Gillespie 2018 Macoupin Effects of Extended Recess for Elementary School-Aged Children with ADHD Dyllan Tiburzi, Bradley Killmer
Galesburg 2002 Knox A Pain Resource Guide for Galesburg, Illinois Doug Sloan
Watseka 2008 Iroquois Nutrition and Exercise in a Rural area fourth grade Doug Lanoue
Ottawa 1999 LaSalle Increasing the Availability of Services to At-Risk Women: The LaSalle County Health Dept. Breast and Cervical Cancer Program Donald Brust
Sycamore 2002 DeKalb On the Run: Food and Fitness Diane Krall
Marshall 2003 Clark Preventive Medicine for Healthy Individuals Ages 18-65 in Rural Denise Pine
Pontiac 2004 Livingston Bicycle Safety Denice Smith
Freeport 1999 Stephenson Recommendations for Lead Screening Guidelines in Stephenson County Deepak Khuntia
Pontiac 1999 Livingston Livingston County Coalition Against Violence: Increasing Awareness to Decrease the Crime Dawn Lemmert
Forrest 2006 Livingston Health Promotion/Disease Prevention Programs for Older Adults Darrin Ray
Herrin 2007 Williamson Health Department I-Plan Allocation of Resources Darren Siedschlag
Freeport 2004 Stephenson Diabetes Control and Depression Darren Rauch
Murphysboro 2002 Jackson The Use of Herbal Medicine in a Rural Community Darlene Lutchka
Lena 2000 Stephenson Detecting Symptoms of Depression in Patients at a Rural Stephenson County Family Practice Daphne Bottom
Litchfield 2001 Montgomery Services for Montgomery County Jail Daniel Wujek
Oregon 2010 Ogle Assessing the Effect of Regular Exercise on BMI and Waist Circumference Daniel Martin
Byron 2009 Ogle An Assessment of Adolescents' Contact with and Education about smoking Daniel Beissel
Charleston 2007 Coles Exercise and Its Benefits Danice Johnson
Sycamore 2006 DeKalb The Top Ten Ways to Live to 100 Dan O’Brien
Princeton 1999 Bureau Blood Pressure Screening in Bureau County, IL Dan Kattenbraker
Pittsfield 2019 Pike Adolescent Behavioral Health in Rural Pittsfield High School Dakota Lammy
Galesburg 2006 Knox Use, Side Effects & Potential Interactions of Dietary Crystal Snider
Dixon 1999 Lee Kid Farmers: Age Appropriate Tasks on the Farm Cristy Elving-Dial
Pittsfield 2007 Pike Pneumococcal Vaccinations in Rural Elderly Craig Davenport
Oregon 2010 Ogle Emergency Preparedness Workbook for Kids in Lee County, Illinois Colleen Dickinson-Anderson
DuQuoin 2019 Perry Barriers to Colorectal Cancer Screening in a Rural Family Practice Cody Ward
Monticello 2019 Piatt Careers in Healthcare Clinton Brubaker
Herrin 2000 Williamson Diabetes Care in a Rural Area Clint Connor
Metropolis 2011 Massac Increasing Skin Cancer Awareness and Prevention in Rural Adolescents Clay Ford
Galesburg 2019 Knox Optimizing Medication adherence in the Elderly Population in Rural Knox County, IL Claire Maxey, Nicholas Creek
Litchfield 2010 Montgomery Sexual Risk Taking Behavior Amongst Teenagers in Montgomery County, Illinois Christopher Hamm
Iroquios County 2017 Iroquis AED Awareness in a Rural Community Christopher Florido
Gibson City 2014 Ford Depression and Stress in a Central Illinois Community Christopher Chesnut and Juhae Lee
Oregon 2013 Ogle Encouragement of Healthy Lifestyle Habits Among 4th and 5th Graders in the Meridian School District Christopher Blanford
Monticello 2000 Piatt Pap Smears in Adolescents Christine Henrichs
Belvidere 1997 Boone Domestic Violence and the Community Response Christine Bett
Princeton 2019 Bureau Impact of Pet Ownership on Physical and mental Health in a Rural Setting Christina Overmann
Princeton 2017 Bureau An Evaluation of Princeton, IL and Bureau County Farmers' Health Concerns and Conditions Christina Anderson
Dixon 2007 Lee Adolescent Mental Health Chris Wagoner
Sycamore 2007 DeKalb Rural Elderly Health Education Chris Nau
Dixon 2008 Lee Heart Failure Patient and Caregiver Guide Chris Dickinson
Belvidere 2004 Boone Asthmatic Patients and Compliance with Chronic Medications Charles Running
Gibson City 2012 Ford Prostate Cancer Screening Practices of Rural Primary Care Providers and Comparison to National Guidelines Chad Gridley
Spring Valley 2001 Bureau Improving Diabetes Care in Rural Illinois Chad Fowler
Herrin 2016 Williamson Identification of Barriers to Colo rectal Cancer Screening in Herrin, Illinois Catherine Carney
Murphysboro 2008 Jackson A Study of Mental Engagement on Self-Efficacy in the Eldery Carrie Hood
Monticello 2005 Piatt Vascular Disease Education and Analysis in Rural East Central Illinois Carl Sather
Dixon 2017 Lee Young Minds in Healthcare Cameron Overcash, Lauren Cunico
Montgomery County 2018 Montgomery Family Life Coaching: an Intervention with Teenage Students in Montgomery County, Illinois Caitlin Walker
Spring Valley 2016 Bureau An Assessment of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Within a Rural Community Bryan Hybki
Metropolis 2011 Massac Diabetes in the Rural Community Bruce Ulrich
Dixon 2005 Lee A Survey of Rural Teachers Knowledge on Diagnosis and Treatment Options Brett Winkeler
Watseka 2009 Iroquois Perceived Need for Pediatric Care in Iroquois County: A Community-Based Survey Brett Hurliman
Monticello 2010 Piatt Nutrition and Health Meal Planning Education for Families in a Rural Area Brandy Beard
Litchfield 2017 Montgomery Increasing Colon Cancer Awareness in Litchfield, IL Brandon Barringer, Brock Phillips
Herrin 2016 Williamson Identification of Barriers to Colo rectal Cancer Screening in Rural Illinois - Logan Primary Care Clinic Brad Budde
Freeport 1998 Stephenson Dermatological Problems in Rural Primary Care Practice Bharati Chittineni
Oregon 2010 Ogle Health Education in Fifth Graders in a Rural Community Bethany Heuer-Troutwine
Galena 2009 Jo Daviess Assessing the Need and Potential Utilization of Telepsychiatry in Galena, IL Bethany Bitner
Watseka 2008 Iroquois Perceived Barriers of Diabetes Self-Management and Clinical Outcomes in Rural Primary Care Patients Besty McGee
Gibson City 2005 Ford Study of Chronic Disease Management and Health Education in a Rural Illinois Population Bernadette Ray
Princeton 2010 Bureau Unemployment in a Rural Area: Identifying Needs and Available Resources Benjamin Rathert
Oregon 2006 Ogle Understanding Parental Attitudes, Awareness, and Responsibilities in Childhood Obesity Ben Shepherd
Litchfield 1998 Macoupin Macoupin County Kids Against Tobacco Ben Brooks
DeKalb 1998 DeKalb Disease Trends Among 24 Cases of Breast Cancer in Northern Illinois B. Robert Oliai
Freeport 2011 Stephenson Diet and Exercise Awareness in Freeport, Illinois Austin Lamb
Galena 2019 Jo Daviess Factors Affecting Colorectal Cancer Screening in a Rural Community August Emford
Gibson City 2012 Ford Vitamin D Insufficiency in Newborns in Rural Illinois Audreen Louis
Monticello 2018 Piatt Education to Aid in End-of-Life Discussion and decision-Making in the Rural Chronically-Ill Population Ashton Ballinger
Johnston City 2013 Williamson Healthy Decisions and Skill Building Ashley Kaytor
Watseka 2012 Iroquois Perceptions of Mental Health Availability and Treatment in a Rural Community Ashlea Canady
Pecatonica 2009 Winnebago Assessing Benefits of a Mothers' Support Group Annevay Conlee
Dixon 2018 Lee Assessing Anxiety and Depression in Older Adults in Rural Illinois Angelique Lintz
Macomb 2012 McDonough While We're Young Andrew Zidow
Amboy 2016 Lee Exercise Matters: Increasing Awareness in Elementary Students to the Harmful Effects of a Sedentary Lifestyle Andrew Wherley
Galena 2015 Jo Daviess Implementation and Evaluation of a Hydration Initiative in a Rural Youth Athletic Program Andrew Gibbs & Kendall Marszalek
Mattoon 2019 Coles Impact of a Hospital Fitness Center on Employee Health as Reflected in Biometric Data Andrew Bays
Macomb 2013 McDonough Effectiveness of Low Impact Exercise on Depression and Pain in an Elderly Population Amy Schutte
Princeton 2003 Bureau Diagnosis and Management of Depression in a Primary Care Setting Amy Obendorf
Pittsfield 2001 Pike Collaboration in Developing a Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program Amy Martin
Sycamore 1999 DeKalb Primary Care Physicians’ Awareness and Treatment of Domestic Amy Ludwikowski
Centralia 2016 Marion Identification of Barriers to Colo rectal Cancer Screening in Centralia, Illinois Amanda Miller & Mallory Thompson
Sycamore 2004 DeKalb Prevention and Early Detection of Cutaneous Malignancies Amanda Friedrichs
Amboy 2015 Lee Encouraging Lifestyle Modification to Reduce Cardiovascular Risk Amanda Allshouse & Lindsay Meurer
Dixon 2018 Lee The Youth's View on Bullying Alyssa Emery, Samantha Wheeler
Freeport 2019 Stephenson Warfarin Management Protocol in a Rural Hospital Allison Mengel
Monticello 2004 Piatt Evaluating Availability and Utilization of Access to Care in Rural Elderly Alison Bilyeu
Forreston 2018 Ogle Food Choices: What Factors Influence the Rural Diet? Alisha Dessavre
Wind River 2019 Fremont Wind River Reservation: Introduction to Healthcare Careers for Native American Youth Ali Mueller
Litchfield 2015 Montgomery Yoga in the Classroom Alexis Gumm
Princeton 2011 Bureau Teen Rope: A project to Promote Adolescent Mental Health Adelaide Robinson
DeKalb 2008 DeKalb Prostate Awareness: How Much do Men Know about Prostate Cancer and Symptoms of BPH? Adam Young
Dixon 2004 Lee Methamphetamines – In Our Backyard Adam Vargo
Galesburg 2004 Knox Preempting Disaster: Economic Hardship Affecting Health Care in Adam Reyburn
Fairfield 2012 Wayne Smoke-free Illinois: A Rural Response Adam Henson
Fairfield 2012 Wayne Smoke-free Illinois: A Rural Response Adam Henson
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